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There is so much confusing information out there on which diet weight loss meal plan is best to follow and maybe you have even tried a few but failed.  Well, join the club.  Being successful on a diet weight loss meal plan requires some knowledge about nutrition combined with knowledge about yourself and topped off with a little determination.

To borrow and tweak a phrase from Buzz Light year, a good diet weight loss meal plan needs to look to ‘be skinny and beyond.’ Particularly the beyond part because that is where we most often fail. Last summer I wen on the cabbage soup diet and lost 9 lbs in one week.  Fantastic, except that I gained it all back in the following two weeks.  I had no ‘beyond plan’.

I recently wrote a free weight loss plan for and I would like to summarize it since it has all of the elements that make up a great weight management program.

Any good diet weight loss meal plan needs to address at least these 3 areas, water intake, fiber intake, and exercise.  These 3 make up the foundation of any good diet weight loss meal plan. Coming in a close 2nd is plenty of complex carbohydrates and very little simple carbohydrates.

If you are doing some thing weird or temporary on a diet weight loss meal plan, why would you expect the weight you lose to just magically stay off when you return to your normal eating habits?  It won’t and that is why a good diet weight loss meal plan should teach you how to eat properly.  Once you are eating properly you won’t have to diet ever again for the rest of your life and who wouldn’t want that?

Surprisingly many diet weight loss meal plans will actually have you add food to your diet, rather than take food away.  The whole idea will be to change the emphasis on what you eat from refined, commercial food products to more natural food products rich in nutrients, fiber, and low in calories.

I would also encourage you to check out some of the meal planning software available on the Internet that can help you plan your menus.  This type of software puts the power of trained nutritionists at your finger tips and will help you make up your own fantastic diet weight loss meal plan.

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